Business Writing Skills – Stop Being a Robot

Wed, November 29 @ 8:30 am


Business Writing Skills – Stop Being a Robot

Business writing isn’t just reports and proposals. It isn’t just the ‘big’, ‘long’ stuff. It’s every email, document, and message you send for professional purposes. But the rules of writing have changed over the last few years – do you know the new ‘global best practices’?

This course is about learning to craft business messages with confidence, so that readers understand, accept and respond to you.

It covers using the appropriate wording, level of formality, effective phrases, message structure, and even tact and diplomacy. We’ll look at email (subject lines, greetings and sign-offs); jargon; saying ‘No’; editing your own writing; and even basic message strategy.

Why attend Tiffany’s business writing workshop?

Because your reputation depends on it. And because the rules have changed, so you need a refresher. If you’re currently using any of these evil words or phrases:

  • Yours sincerely
  • Peruse
  • Herewith
  • Please find
  • I hope you are well

Who’s Tiffany Markman?

Presenter Tiffany Markman lives, breathes and dreams business writing – speaking locally and internationally on writing, social media, customer service, small business, and more. She was recently the keynote speaker at the annual PR summit hosted by Microsoft in Dubai, UAE. She’s also spoken for Suits & Sneakers, the Real Life MBA, HeavyChefs, the International Association of Business Communicators, and over 350 companies. Find out more about Tiffany here: 


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