We are in the business of incubating entrepreneurs through our small business university & coworking hub, where they can learn & operate from.

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of our South African economy and we need to foster their development & survival. With this in mind, we are in the business of incubating them through our small business university & coworking hub, where they can learn & operate from. We believe it’s no longer good enough to just teach people how to fish; we want to go one step further and give them a fishing rod.


Let us handle it all while you enjoy the comfort of flexible spaces. We’re not your traditional boring conference hotel. It’s all about sharing memorable experiences. Our spaces provide a great vibe and energy to get your creative juices flowing. Be it a team building session, a catch up or just to get some time out of the office, we’re here to cater to your needs.


Events are an essential part of the Impello experience – From thought leadership to everything you thought you knew about coffee. Our weekly and monthly events are here to develop you in all spheres of life and business. We believe that an individual is not only the sum of his parts but the balance of his whole being and we’re here to nurture and grow you. This is the start of switched on, habitual learning, that takes the traditional classroom style learning and flips it entirely on it’s head. To stay relevant in this ever changing world, you need a new way of thinking and learning and our events give you that.

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Meetings, Events & Training

We have meeting rooms, a fully equipped wireless training room and a magnificent rooftop.

Ignite, Weekly & Workshops

Social and professional happening weekly to build and maintain a strong always on, learning culture.