Accounting 911 for Entrepreneurs – Free Morning Workshop Session

Wed, November 22 @ 9:30 am


Magriet Ortlepp Margriet Ortlepp, is a Sage One Certified Adviser, who runs her own practice. I have been running my own business for 14 years now and have over the years specialized in entrepreneurs and small businesses. I offer a complete solution to all their accounting and tax needs, helping them to stay compliant (and out of trouble from SARS), so they can focus on building their businesses and living their dreams. I have now expanded my business into consulting and coaching entrepreneurs. I have found that there is a huge need for that as entrepreneurs do not have the business knowledge and know-how of an accountant or financial person. This is why I am here to help them and guide them along the way.  

Accounting 911 for Entrepreneurs – Free Morning Workshop Session

Are you able to answer the questions below? If not then you need to attend this one hour practical workshop, with Margariet Ortlepp, CA and accomplished entrepreneur.
  1. Do you know the difference between Tax and VAT? 
  2. Do you know when you are supposed to pay Tax and UIF?
  3. Are you doing your invoices in Excel or Word?
  4. Are your customers paying you on time?
  5. Do you know what is the profit in your business at this moment?

Topics to be covered in the session include:

  • When do you need to register for Tax or VAT and the difference between them
  • When do you need to pay PAYE, UIF and other taxes
  • What is the statutory requirements for running a company compared to trading as a sole proprietor
  • How SAGE One Accounting and Payroll can help you run your business and improve your profitability
  • Q&A



Entrance Fee: Free Session

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